Once upon a time....

Carolina Shrewsbury set out to create a place for cavers who are artists to meet, and create artwork inspired by caves.

A few cavers met up with her in the Dales (Yorkshire,UK) to sketch at a place that had inspired generations of leading artists, Weathercote Cave.

From that day forward, it was understood by all those artists that this practice was indeed an important part of caving. Even more significant was the discovery of an area in art that is an establishment in itself...


About the artists

Carolina Shrewsbury, USA/Great Britain/Switzerland

(SpeleoArt, ISSA)

(46182FL)(AL FE)

Started caving with Plymouth Polytechnic Caving Club, 1978; Westminster Caving Club, 1980; Caving with AGH/SGH in Switzerland and France 1980-1997. Member of the National Speleological Society, NSS #48936. Moved permanently to the USA in 2000. Moved to Florida 2006-7 on sailboat Dreamweaver. Carolina works from her studio at her home in Largo, FL.

Exhibited in Great Britain and throughout Europe and the United States since 1985. Many paintings in private collections. Founder Member of International Society of Speleological Art (ISSA) 1994. Initiated SpeleoArt in 1997 as an organization for international speleo-art workshops and exhibitions. Founding Member of the NSS Fine Arts Salon 2000. Awarded the Spelean Arts and Letters 2007 and Fellowship to the NSS 2008. Chairman of National Speleological Society Arts and Letters Section- 2013-present. SpeleoArt is the contact base for speleo-artists worldwide and others interested in seeing, and acquiring speleo-art.