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Contacting Us

SpeleoArt was founded by and is coordinated by Carolina Shrewsbury. Contact information is given on the home page.

If you have problems accessing this site, or you spot a mistake, please contact us at speleoart[Current4DigitYear]@hawaiiflow.com.

Contents & Copyright

'SpeleoArt' is a trademarked (tm) name of SpeleoArt, a company based in the United States of America. The SpeleoArt pages were originally assembled by David Gibson from text written by Carolina Shrewsbury. All the material on this site is subject to the usual author copyright. If you want the small print, it goes like this:

Copyright in the text, photographs and images resides with the authors. The copyright owners assert their Moral Rights under the Design, Copyright and Patents Act 1988. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of any of these Web pages is prohibited except to the extent permitted in this notice unless prior agreement has been obtained from the copyright owners. These Web pages may be downloaded onto a hard disk or printed for your personal use provided that you include all copyright statements and that you make no alterations to any of the pages and that you do not use any of the pages in any other work or publication in whatever medium stored. No part of these pages may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose.

Viewing this Site

This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. If you use a lower resolution you should select a full-screen window; and you may find that you get a better view if you turn off your tool bars and status bars, in order to maximize the screen area. Where pages contain more than a few kilobytes of graphics the approximate page size is shown in brackets next to the link. If you have a slow modem, or a computer with slow graphics-processing capabilities then you may find that some of the images take a long time to appear.

Image Quality

When the original site was assembled, in early 1997, I was able to spare only a limited amount of time, and I did not give the image files all the attention they deserved. In addition to the problems of adjusting the colour balance on each individual image, there was also the problem of getting multiple images to share a limited colour palette. Since I only had crude graphics software and a slow computer at that time, I did not address this problem, with the results that some of the photo files on this site are not as high a quality as they could be, and neither are they as compact as they could be. In addition, if you are using a 256 colour palette you might see some odd colour effects. There shouldn't be anything seriously wrong. - Dave Gibson